Tel Aviv once again

Third Time I am walking up and down Sderot Rothschild since this summer. And I like it more and more. This little week was a gift to myself for finising all my assignments before Christmas, and get some strenght to get back to work while everyone is on holidays. Very ill when I arrived in Neve Tszdek with my brother, I got enough food and sleep and even a little sun so that I could feel stressed again by the end of my staying. Once again, it was a very rich trip, as I atended a very warm barmitzvah (firs time in a synagogue here, and I loved the woman rabbi) and  I made very strong bonds here with fantastic people : yesterday, dinner in Florentine and songwriting frenzy with a the guy who knows the coolest langages on earth (luckily, french and english are part of the deal), and then drink with the best designer/cook of the city. Tonight, i listen to my first conference in Hebrew at the University of Tel-Aviv, I still have a long way to go : I probably understood 15 % of the talk on … Islam in France. After that I spent the evening with fantastic and beautiful N., whose mother gets all the secert of unknown people in 5 minutes, and whose father wrote books on roumanian jews. First time anyone ever mentions Fondane to me here. It all ended where it was supposed to end : a club on Ibn Gvirol, in a Mall, trying to llok like 1-Oak in NYC, and actually very nice. Tomorrow is THe day : I’ll check the renouned institute where I might spend the next few years, brushing up my Hebrew and my political theory at teh same time.A Yaël has to speak Hebrew, doesn’t she?

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