Routine and busy days in Paris. Can’t write, can’t travel, can’t even get rest even when I take time off. I am always thinking of the articles I should be writing, about the agregation I should be preparing, about the classes I have to give. And also about my new research project.

I decided nevertheless to try and have fun, and mostly to learn from all the various people I see during my non-stop working hours. Last week-end was quite interesting… It started with a girl’s  evening out, picking a “Marilyn”Sweather I won for blogging at the store Gérard Darel in saint Germain des Près, eating fish with E. and dragging her to a first party in the 8th and then to a burlesque show at the cabaret “La Nouvelle Eve”. Being with Eve at “La Nouvelle Eve” was a delight and we actually enjoyed very much seeing plump and appetizing girls undressing and dansing naked with feathers for more than two hours. The Burlesque crowd is vintage, elegant, and because it is all about part-playing, they are really open minded. Off course when we left at 2 am (“early to be able to work on saturday”), no cabs. We walked from Pigalle to Montorgueil where Eve lives and I took an awful vélib’ from there to home : real danger, real sports, and alone on the champs elysées biking at 3 am, I really felt special… and maybe more “Burlesque” than ever with my miniskirt so not Dita Von Teese, but still getting very short…

Saturday I attended the rehearsal of a Musical Play I wrote some lyrics for : “Monsieur Luxure“. the show is really going to be fun, and I really enjoy participating also to the very professional staging. Theater people seem more open than the editing circles… saturday night was a Chicken + Mad Men + home night. My columbian sister shared the chicken with me and Eve showed up later with a very interseting friends : she had lost hers keys. She stayed over and woke up very early on sunday because she had organized the 30th bday of the bombing of the synagogue rue Copernic. Before attending the beautiful ceremony, where the French Prime ministre, François Fillon, made  a beautiful speech, I had lunch at l’atelier with my brother and my grandma. An always amazing restaurant. I also went to the Garouste decoration of a building, rue de l’Université, and had dinner after with L., very adorable. I went back home early for another night with Eve. I have never ever slept so little alone in my life : girlfriends and friends from all over the world seem to have spread the news that my appartment was cosi and crash on my bed (no more coach, because I had to add some shelves).

Anyways, work today, the website is changing name and toutelaculture IS ocking! Tonight , I attended an amazing party for the launching of the trendy “next” webzine, by Libération. And now the sad news of Lefort’s death. No master left (well Rosanvallon and Gauchet… no way!). Is it possible to think without any master? I wonder, sometimes. I’ll get the answer at the end…

The funniest is that even my students and my readers tell me to go to bed,…it is 2:30 now and I still have some work…


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  1. Micha dit :

    Je préfère vach’ment qd c’est en frenchie ! 😉
    Notre langue est affaiblie au point qu’il faille la défendre.


    P.S. I know the rest…

  2. Claire dit :

    To think without any master? Did his death invalidate his ideas or method?

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