Back to a very parisian life after a last new-york intermezzo. Art fairs and long nights at the baron, the néo, or tonight, the magnifique, bumping into nightowls I had not seen in ages, many press projections, and sometimes, to keep in touch with my old american habits I am attending an opera alone. The last cd by Benjamin Biolay is out, overall disapointing, but I listen to “ton héritage” walking in Paris by night with my new wonderful high boots. The sun is there, and I love working with my brother. A few good scenes : friday, at maison rouge, one of the employee was happy to actually see someone at the press opening (9 in the morning) and tried to talk to me. Obviously he was not in charge of the conceptualization of the exhibit about a veru very referential revolutionnary artist from the 60′, cause he spent ten good minutes asking what I thought about what was shown (which I loved) and rolling his eyes to tell me  the previous exhibit about comics was soooo much better. Yesterday, Michael and I met a movie freak who would complain that movies are no events but a cross, a two hours long prison, and that you should not talk about it unless you are officially hired by “les cahiers du cinéma” but still wanted to talk with us for one hour and a half about the services in event planning and blogger relations we had to offer… The best was when he told my brother how much he paid each he mail his institution sent. For this price, the message could be delivered by the french version of Fedex 🙂

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