Drag my limp in the new world

Written in the dark without glasses :

Back to NYC for a few days. My treat to myself for finishing my dissertation. After three  days without sleep, I got to the airport and met a friend right at the gate: no sleep during the ten hours of the trip either. i am staying with my dear Anna in the hip west village. 2nd avenue deli for dinner, nails and toes polished, and Regina Spektor- magical as usual- at the Radio city hall were on the menu on the first evening which finished with amazing whisky at the plazza, listening to a friend of anna sing. Woke up early the morning after to work in a cyber caé, back to morningside heights, the movie “an education” (not bad at all), and raun and cold, as awful as i could remmeber it from new-york.

James and katrin met us at anna’s place, and then it was difficult to find a dry and warm place to eat. Slept like a log, work friday morning, and suddenly an terrible pain in the toe. I couldnt wear a shoe and would literaly drag my leg behind me, walking barefoot in the Whitney (great Goergia o’Keeffe), and the mOMa ‘I had missed Ron arad in Paris, and his bookshelves are warm to my hreat. A movie to give some rest to my foot : excellent brother cohen”s serious man, depicting the suburban jewish milieu, where they grew up), and then but of course, opéra : der Rosenkavalier with renée flemming and susan graham.

My friends were starving so we stayed the first act (my favourite). Diner at the hummus place, a walk and a drink in the meat packing and to bed early, always warrying my leg. Saturday, the pain was so string i wanted to scream; Sneakers. Anna came up with a  diagnosis : gout. I think she’s right. All the symptoms are there, but not the causes (too much proteins, wine, or … stress – that’s more probable). It is an old man’s disease. (to me : the grandpa of the little lord fauntleroy) I would laugh aout it if it would no hurt so bad, and if medical care would be a little less ridiculously expensive, so I could get healed. For now, ibuprophe make sit bearable, less of a limp, and even high heals to go out yesterday at a polish/jewish encounter and then a bar were the pain and the the champagne put me to sleep right there, sitting with my friends…

today basketball game in mad square gardens, and before brunch, i am starving

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