The work of five years has come to an end tonight. 685 pages, quickly written but in pain. I hope all this will be all right, I hope it will printed, I hope I’ll be a doctor on december the 9th. Theo’s birthday is the date of my “soutenance” and it seems right.

I am afraid of the babyblues now, that my days will feel empty. So I booked a plane to NYC, as a reward, an also to finally start thinking of the “after”.

In the meantime I have not been a monk. I have projects. The do to list comprehends

– writing texts  for some songs.

– meeting a former hidden chil to help him write his biography.

– to keep teaching and maybe to come up with a new idea of a class for next semester.

– trying to finally get my driving licence

– starting to learn Russian

– developing our buisiness with my bros

-checking the postdocs in the U.S. for next year (two good ideas already)

-organizing 6 month in israêl from january to june 2010

-reading and reviewing the complete prosa of Ingeborg Bachman. So exciting!!!

and mostly choosing between a few of these options.

This week had been rich, culturally as you could see on this blog and on laboiteasorties, but also socially.

I spent my nights shifting from an atmospehere to another

-two very different art openings on thursday : one classy in the 8th, one gloomy and undeground in Montmartre

friday, I abruptly moved from a 1990′ party at my best friend from college’s place (on the screen : dirty dancing, on the table : candies from that time, girls showing their bellies as we used to do, or to wish we could do, but I had to leave after dancing the Macarana, I could take ace of base and I am, but this was too much) to a very obscure jazz set played by friends at the sunset.

Saturday, two other extremes, the 40th birthday of a friend of my grandma in the african neighbourhood of the 10th, in a neutral bar, packed, stinking like cheese and sausages (with my grandma) to a very cvilized private party in the 7th.

Tonight was my gay-political night with a dear friend and some of his witty friends at the “Etienne Marcel”.

Last check up on the baby tomorrow morning and then i’ll give birth, helped by my mom, get my course ready and maybe steele a few hours at the gym.

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  1. Frédéric dit :

    Tous mes encouragements pour ta soutenance de thèse. C’est quel jour déjà, le 9 décembre ? Je penserai bien à toi, mais j’ai le sentiment déjà que tout se passera bien pour toi.

    Bon courage en attendant


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