A room with a view

Paris is soo empty that all my friend leave the place right away when they come back from their first month of holidays. I have not seen a human being since Friday 6:00 pm. I spent the week-end end writing ten small biographies of my converts; running against time and living a life that my friend A. depicts  direct live from NYC as “a prison”. Gym, supermarket, writing and watching old boring Japanese movies is ok. Oh and I DO my nails too, you never know… Sometimes, the phone is ringing and someone is speaking from Switzzerland, St Tropez, New-York or Bali and it seems unreal. But nice. As are the days of work with my two best friends also writing their dissertations. Just when they leave, it is strange to have NO program, no concert, no theater, nothing.  Finally back to my monk’s life in New-York. But this time no hope and no expectations. Ataraxy, in a way. A bit too wise for a 27  years old girl. Consequently I am all dressed up to meet with a friend at 1 am at home after tackling with Döblin’s life. A little tanned too, cause the breaks on the balcony provide some sun to the skin. And ready to srink as I have not had a glass of wine since thursday, and way too much sauna, to try and get exhausted and sleep. I am lucky, at peace, no diappointment possible, but I am  bored. Maybe I really do like suffering, at least it feels like life :). Just kidding, of course. I should read another ten pages of Etty Hillesum and grow up. Nearly 350 pages written though and the second part is almost finished. I cannot say I am proud, and I don’t even know if finishing this will be a relief, or the biggest baby blues. So, I listen to Regina Spektor and smile when I think with her that I have a perfect body because my eyelshes catch my sweat…

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  1. m. dit :

    Moi aussi je m’ennuie. Entre les dresden dolls et la musique du mépris, j’ai juste envie de me réveiller dans quelques semaines.
    Heureusement, Hunter Thompson et son irrévérence me font sourire (un peu).
    Légèreté, légèreté, légèreté.

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